The beginning

I started working in the support team, with tasks ranging from minor customizations for clients, to production bugfixes. The position was a great start, since it required understanding of all the components of the system, as well as understanding the merchants expectations.

RubyHas integration

After that, I was part of the team integrating a company we aquired. It was necessary to understand all our business processes, all their business processes, and come up with a way to integrate them, so that the operation would not be affected. The migration was split into multiple parts.

  • First, we would transition the customers to use the Shipmonk Platform, while keeping the warehouses running on the original Deposco system.
  • The next part was actually switching the warehouse systems.

The first part was much more complex, as it required us to implement all integrations and processes the customers had previously setup with RubyHas. They would then redirect their integration against the Shipmonk application. It also included quite significant redesign and splitting of the internal Shipmonk system, in order to support working with multiple WMS systems. During this, I touched basically every component in the Shipmonk system.

The second part was mostly internal, and the customers should ideally not even notice it.

WMS Team

The next step, as the migration was about to finish, I joined the WMS team, developing the internal WMS.