About me

My name is Ondřej Tůma and I am a software engineer with the primary focus on backend.

Primary languages

The languages I am actively using in my career

PHP (Symfony)

Typescript (Nest.js)


Additional skills used during day-to-day tasks Bash, Java, C/C++ a další
Experience: 10 years, professionaly 5 years


Bachelor - CVUT FEL Open Informatics (2019 - 2022)
Master - CVUT FEL Open Informatics (2022 - 2024)

Work positions:

2021 - present ShipMonk Backend developer (Senior PHP)
2020 - 2021 NFCtron Backend developer (PHP, Nest.js)
2019 - 2019 AI Center Tooling developer (Python)
2016 - 2016 MALPRO Automation developer (Python)